Entrance Requirements List

Holding purpose

“The youth hostel movement” originated about 100 years ago from a simple outdoor activity which aimed at healthy growth for young people.
The origin of travel is considered as “walking” and Osaka Youth Hostel Association has cher-ished “learning”, “experience”, and “exercise” through walking, appealing to people to walk since 1963.
As the name of the event shows, we accurately follow the old Ise Hon-kaido Road which trav-elers walked along in the past.
Participants walk the whole distances, heading for inner Ise shrine by midnight on New Year’s Eve.
From the same perspectives as past travelers, you can enjoy walking together and various ex-periences in nature, culture, and history, which are missed by people in their busy present life..


From Wednesday, December 28, 2016 to Sunday, January 1, 2017(5 days and 3 nights)


・170 km Osaka course: The price for those (over 26 years old) is ¥40,000 and (under 25 years old) is ¥36,000 (maximum of 60)
On 28th Tamatsukuri-inari shrine~ Hiraoka park~ Kuragari pass~ staying at Nara youth hos-tel
On 29th Nara~ Tenri~ Miwa~ Hase temple~ Haibara ~ staying at a Ryokan
On 30th Haibara~ Muro village~ Soni village~ Mitsue village ~ staying at Sankikan
On 31st Mitsue~ Iseokitsu~ Taki(Night walking)
On New Year’s Day Outer shrine~ Inner shrine of Ise shrine, where the group will disperse.

・130 km Nara course(over 26 years old) is ¥39,000 (under 25 years old) ¥35,000 (capacity of 10)
Meeting up on the night of 28th, staying at Nara youth hostel, and joining the main group from the morning of 29th.)

・100 km Haibara course(over 26 years old) ¥35,000 (under 25 years old) is ¥31,000 (capacity of 20)
Meeting up on the night of 29th, staying at a Ryokan, and joining the main group from the morning of 30th.)

The Minimum number of participants required is

65 people

Entry qualifications

Anyone who is confident to walk the distance, cooperating and helping other participants.
※For non-Japanese people, a basic conversation level of Japanese is needed.

Payment to be made to

Name of the bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch name: Namba branch
Type of account: Saving
Account number: 314396
Account holder: Osaka Youth Hostel Association

For participation

This event is a “self-walking tour”. All belongings needs to be carried during walking. You can only send your some of your items back home, using delivery services on the evening of at the cash on delivery only 30th.
-We will walk 30km a day and 60km on the final day.
-.. For this event, you will require a YH membership card. If you do not have a membership card, prepare one by yourself or pay an annual fee for a YH card together with the participa-tion fee (Adult pass: People 19 years of age or older = 2,500 yen. Please contact us, if you are under 19 years old.)
• This event will be a group walking. The group is called “Ko”. Please help each other and en-joy walking with other members. Also please follow the attendant’s instructions for your safe-ty.
· I will appoint a group leader from the experienced participants, who will be called “Sendachi”. If you are chosen as “Sendachi”, please give advice from your experiences. If you don’t appreciate the spirit of the event, or disturb others in the group, we may ask you to leave even though the event has started.
Please check the following before the application(Extracted from the trip condition book)

How to apply

Online application is available. You can also apply by sending the application form by mail or FAX, filling out the necessary information in the document. Also, please pay the entry fee in full or 10,000 yen of the application fee by bank transfer within 5 days of applying. Applica-tion is completed (contract is established), when you finish paying the application fee or the ¥10,000. The application is on a first-come-first-served basis of acceptance. We will stop ac-cepting applications as soon as the maximum number has been reached.

For those who completed application

When application is completed, we will send the documents of “Acceptance confirmation” and conditions” within 10 days of the contracted being accepted. Also, a participation guide, which shows the details of this event, will be sent to you. If any problems happen related to bad weather, transportation, road conditions, accommodation, or security, then a part of the program and course might be changed.


In case of cancellation after making your application, this is our refund policy.
Up to 21 days before the start→100% refund
Between 20 to 8 days→20% refund
Between 7 to 2 days→30% refund
The day brefore→40% refund
On the day→ 50% refund
Non-contact or after the start →no refund
・If the number of applicants does not reach the minimum number, this event might possi-bly take place and we will inform everyone 2 weeks prior to departure.
If the tour is cancelled, we will refund the full amount of your deposited money.
・The fee of the participation terms and conditions was established as a standard on October 1, 2015.

Participants fee

Transportation costs from the starting point each day to the goal, accommodation meals, program expenses, attendant expenses, accident insurance premiums, communication office expenses, preliminary inspection expenses, and meeting expenses
【Not included】
Meals other than the above,
Personal expense for food and drinks, and
Transportation costs after reaching the final destination (Ise shrine)

Disclaimer matters

Travel accident insurance is covered for all participants, however it does not cover for any damage caused by the following.
① Damages caused by natural disasters, service discontinuation of accommodation facilities, government instructions, and food poisoning.
② Theft, illness, and injury which are caused intentionally by other participants and their gross negligence.
(Please check at the travel of conditions to deliver after application)

Itinerary manager

A tour conductor does not attend in this event. However, Youth Hostel Association staffs are in attendance and together with volunteers will support you to finish the walk.
Travel planning and organizers
This event has been planned and conducted by Kyoto Youth Hostel Association (Tourism Agency registration travel industry. No. 1928).
Osaka Youth Hostel Association (Osaka Governor Registration Travel Agents Agency. No. 5500) has carried out this consignment, its sales, and management. Other travel conditions which are not shown here should follow the travel conditions of Kyoto Youth Hostel Associa-tion. An organized walking event means a walking trip except for trips in general.


Walking organizer
Osaka Youth Hostel Association

Planning and implemention of the tour

Kyoto Youth Hostel Association
29, Nakayama-cho, Uzumasa, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan
〒616-8191  TEL 075-462-2312  FAX 075-462-2289
 Comprehensive Traveling Business Handling Manager: Miki Ishii

Consignment Sales (Application and Contact)

Osaka Youth Hostel Association
1-20-14, Higashinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka. Japan
 TEL 06-6326-2228  FAX 06-6370-5428
 Email info@isemade.osaka-yha.or.jp
Comprehensive Traveling Business Handling Manager: Takashi Yoshida

Business Cooperation

University Youth Hostel Club Volunteer Executive Committee
(Osaka City University, Mukogawa Women’s University, Osaka Shoin Women’s University, Osaka Gakuin University, Osaka Institute of Technology, Osaka Industrial University, Kansai University, Konan University, and Kyoto Women’s University)

Sponsorship (planned)

Osaka Prefectural Board of Education, Osaka City, Nara City, Uda City, Ise City, and the Min-istry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kinki Regional Development Bureau, Mitsue vil-lage


Suntory Holdings, Inc., and Tamatsukuri Inari Shrine